oPuce speaker at European Business Summit 2015

Isabelle Lebrocquy, founder of oPuce, will speak at the European Business Summit 2015. DuringĀ a special session organised by the EORTC, the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Cancer Survivorship & Employment will be discussed, and how businesses tackle new societal issues.

Isabelle Lebrocquy lost her job during colon cancer. This motivated her to improve labour participation after cancer. She founded oPuce to help create jobs after cancer, and to inspire employers and society to look differently at cancer survivors.

She set up an online survey and discovered that 25% of the 1.000 respondents lost their job. Isabelle asked the Dutch Parliament to adapt social legislation and to install a plan of action for Cancer & Work. The Netherlands is now one of the first countries addressing the burdens of cancer survivorship.

Find the programme and speakers on: www.ebsummit.eu/speakers